Medicare Part B - Medical Insurance

It is imperative to sign up for Medicate Part B as soon as you are eligible. Failing to do so will result in a late enrollment fee. Some Americans may automatically be enrolled into Medicare Part B.

Medicare Part B Covers:

  • Doctors' services, hospital outpatient care, and home health care

  • Preventative services to help maintain your health and to keep certain illnesses from getting worse

  • Physical or occupational therapies

It is important to remember that Medicare Part B does not offer 100% coverage, it does provide 80% coverage for many of the following medically necessary services:

  • Tests (glaucoma, pelvic exam, hearing and balance exam, etc.), labs (blood work, urinalysis, etc.) and screenings (colorectal, cardiovascular, etc.)

  • Home health services, mental health care, physical and occupational therapy, prosthetic devices

  • Blood required during an outpatient visit or other Part B-covered service

  • Emergency room services for severe injury or illness

  • One-time "Welcome to Medicare" Exam

  • Mammograms

  • Dialysis

  • Medical nutrition therapy

  • Outpatient surgery service and supplies

  • Preventative shots (flu, three hepatitis B shots for medium or high-risk patients)

  • Chiropractic services, ambulance services, ambulatory surgery center fees.  These services are covered in certain cases.

Other Important Facts about Medicare Part B:

You may not need Part B if you have employer group coverage. You can opt out of Medicare Part B coverage if you cannot afford it. Before doing this, consider the benefits of Medicare Part B, and check with your state to find out if you qualify for payment assistance. There are many programs to assist citizens pay their premiums and deductibles.